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A market leader in Vessel Inspections,

HIA Energy provide inspection solutions carried out by our best-in-class Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVI's) based throughout the world.

HIA Energy's Accredited Vessel Inspectors ensure the marine vessel, systems and equipment are not only running efficiently and safely but will also ensure the vessel is also safe for those who work on or around the vessel. Inspections and audits are planned and undertaken in liaison with the vessel owner or client and are undertaken by our AVI's.  HIA Energy's Inspectors are CMID and OVID accredited, giving full assurance that all CMID vessel inspections, audit standards and requirements will be met. 

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  • IMCA eCMID  inspections

  • IMCA eMISW inspections

  • Vessel Suitability Survey

  • Vessel Operator Assessments 

  • Pre-Hire / Pre-Purchase Vessel Inspections 

  • In-Survey/ On-Hire Survey

  • Remote Audits 

  • Post-Incident 3rd Party Inspection / Reporting 

  • Bespoke tailored Client requirements


Our AVI's inspect and audit - 

  • Offshore marine support vessels 

  • Constuction vessels

  • Drilling rigs

  • Dynamic positioning vessels

  • Anchor handling tug supply vessels 

  • Crew transfer vessels

  • Emergency response and rescue vessels

  • Other marine vessels are regularly utilised within offshore industries and sector

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