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A world class recruitment agency for energy sector professionals

We focus solely on the renewable and offshore energy sector as part of a well established group with a great track record.   We take pride in how we find common ground between representing the interests of our contractors and fulfilling your needs.  We focus on attracting the best in the industry by looking after them.  This enables us to offer great people to help you execute great projects from start to finish.

Only by finding the common ground between the needs of our clients and the interests of our contractors can we deliver results like these.


Based on our latest survey 98% of our clients would recommend the HIA Group for their recruitment needs.


Because we focus on representing great people, 94% of the CVs we provide go to interview.


Our industry leading CRM platform has direct access to over 7,000 world class professionals.


Of those 7,000+, over 60% come from referrals.  We focus on quality people without compromise.

This is what world class service looks like


So, whether you are looking to crew an entire fleet, just need that one special person, or if you are looking for your own next role, whether on the back deck, the bridge, on the project team, or anything else; we work hard to give you every confidence that you're in safe hands, getting you the best outcome we can deliver, every time.

We back that up with a charter of commitments to our professionals and clients alike.

Permanent Search and Selection

Not in the market for contractors, not a problem, the energy sector is dynamic and people move from contract to permanent and vice versa.  We know who's looking for what, and how to get the right shortlist for you.


Contract Crewing

You have a vessel mobilising next week and need to get 50 people for it.  Give us a call and we'll handle it.  Had someone critical drop out at the last second.  Let us know.  It's business as usual for us to fill the gaps.


Retained Searches

If you're scouting for talent long term, we can constantly monitor and aggregate the best results for you and provide updates as frequently and regularly as you need.


Strong Background Checks

We always go the extra mile to make sure the contents match the label.  We also prioritise the people who have a proven track record with us, so you'll always get who you expect.

Knowledgeable Recruiters

Our team of recruiters are both experienced and knowledgeable.  They are regularly trained with industry briefs to expand their expertise and we have a panel of offshore veterans and technical personnel on hand to advise, train and review people as required.


24/7 Coverage

Both for clients and our contractors we have round the clock coverage to ensure any emergencies can be handled.  We're there when you need us.


" Our mission at HIA Energy is to attract, retain, and develop top talent in the energy industry by providing a positive and inclusive work environment, opportunities for growth and advancement, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do."



By fully understanding our contractors and clients needs we can better serve them.


All our business activities are underpinned with integrity.


We strive towards excellence in all our business practices.

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